Frank Bordonaro

Chief Learning Officer - McDonnell Douglas, S.C. Johnson

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If I ever had doubts about the power of the arts on business executives, my work with John Cimino and Creative Leaps International at McDonnell Douglas and SC Johnson put those doubts to rest. In each case, the companies were battling tradition in order to reach new levels of performance, and the leaders were under pressure to re-think and re-design some deeply rooted management habits. That meant personal discovery would be foundational to their work.

White papers, speeches and conceptual models all have their place. But savvy executives are inured to much of the inspiration offered therein. Music, movement and performance are closer to the bone-more direct and less controvertible. Sharing in, and participating in experiences designed and delivered by Creative Leaps International set our learning dialogue on a new, more candid, more inspirational path-and cracked a few protective shells. In both engagements, Creative Leaps helped us leap to a better place more quickly. was fun!!