The Main Sequence

The Main Sequence is our trademarked pathway to new thinking, fresh perspectives and penetrating new insights. It is comprised of six interlocking stages including state-of-the-art catalyst events, facilitated inquiry and discussion, deep dives into extension topics, and special activities for synthesis, discernment and final harvest. Step by step, participants move through a series of cognitively stimulating, emotionally rich scenarios at once full of imagination, invigorating, uplifting, joyful, challenging, reflective, palpably sensed and deeply felt. It is a journey everyone takes together activating each person’s wholehearted participation and maverick potential. 

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Process & Programs

Our process begins with you and a thorough query of your goals, challenges and culture. Every step of the way, we will be guided by your narrative, your insights, your driving sense of purpose and direction. Our creative process will engage your own. Our purpose? Nothing less than to set your minds on fire!

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Phase 1

Listen, Understand

Every step of the way, we will be guided by your narrative, your insights, your driving sense of purpose and direction.

We begin by listening and learning from you.

  • How can we help you? What are your most immediate goals?
  • What is your organization's story, your history, your narrative?
  • How has that narrative been perpetuated?
  • Who is writing its next chapter?
  • What is your vision, the future you most want to achieve?
  • What challenges and concerns you most?
  • Who are your people? What are their dreams, fears and perceived boundaries?
  • What inspires and motivates your leaders and workers?
  • Who are your most creative people, your change agents?
Phase 2

Design, Create

Our creative process will engage your own. Our purpose? Nothing less than to set your mind on fire!

We design a signature "Concert of Ideas" specifically calibrated to your purposes.

This state of the art keynote event embodies a set of artful triggers to set minds and hearts in curious exploratory motion. Participants are royally entertained. Simultaneously, they are invited to think deeply, to entertain new perspectives and, ultimately, to enter into thoughtful dialogue with one another. Thoroughly original in concept and execution, the Concert of Ideas is a spark to new thinking, wholehearted engagement and a powerful catalyst for change.

Featuring grand, exciting and absolutely brilliant music performed by our award-winning artists, the Concert of Ideas IS a world-class concert performance. Music by composers such as Copland, Bernstein, Gershwin and Rachmaninoff and Broadway showstoppers galore are essential ingredients of the Concert of Ideas.

But there is more. Woven through the music and creatively juxtaposed to leverage our imaginations, audiences discover equally brilliant contributions from thinkers such as Einstein, Picasso, Shakespeare, Cervantes, Margaret Mead, James Baldwin and Langston Hughes. The resultant whirlwind of connective possibilities is nothing short of exhilarating. Mind, intellect, heart and soul have been activated, engaged and readied for action. Such is the process of the Concert of Ideas.

Phase 3

Perform, Process, Extend

Learning Groups, Debriefing Circles and Extension Workshops deepen and personalize individual learning.

On the heals of the Concert of Ideas, participants will be bursting with a desire to connect with one another. This urge to come together, to leap into conversation and share impressions, insights and enthusiasms is a phenomenon worth its weight in gold. Our first imperative, therefore, is to create a space for this to happen. Learning Groups and Debriefing Circles are two excellent options for channeling this energy to productive ends. Sharing back across groups and circles adds still more zest to the collective excitement and cross-fertilization of ideas.

With participants well invested in their explorations, the moment is right for Extension Workshops facilitating deeper explorations of a range of relevant themes. These might include leadership, decision-making, complexity and change, peak performance, stress management, diversity and creativity -- all available via the Creative Leaps team.

It is worth mentioning that our Concerts of Ideas, Learning Groups and Extension Workshops have been paired successfully with other well-known processing forms, including Harrison Owen’s Open Space methodology and Meg Wheatley’s community conversations known as “Turning To One Another".

Phase 4

Co-create, Synthesize

In partnership with participants, we create and perform special culminating events keyed to synthesis, ownership and action known as “Harvests of Learnings”.

The Creative Leaps team joins participants in distilling and expressing key insights and outcomes from the conference, professional program or learning activity.

The Process - Putting one's personal stamp on learning outcomes, reflecting on changes in perspective and attitude, bringing clarity to complex concepts and personal interactions, acknowledging new visions, new colleagues and new leaders, chronicling and celebrating the transformation in which everyone played a part -- this co-creative approach to achieving synthesis brings everyone closer together.

Of equal importance, the act of collaborating with the Creative Leaps team to build these insights into a new performance work actively rivets the insights into memory where they will not soon to be forgotten.

Synthesis becomes craft, process becomes partnership, the work of art becomes the self you take home with you. This is "The Harvest of Learnings".

Phase 5

Assess, Discern

The Harvest of Learnings is the first manifestation of change. It is a moment in time, a moment of realization and ownership of what has transpired and what is to come.

What is the "take home"? Is it a few golden nuggets of wisdom or the latest prescription for success?

Learning can happen at many levels. The best learning changes the learner. And future performance unfolds from that change in the person. The time scale of this unfolding is, of course, unknowable in advance, although we trust it will be soon enough to make a difference in our lives and work. After all, we like differences that make a difference.

Certain moments in time can be transformative. They are rare, to be sure. But subtle or powerful, or subtly powerful, they grant us insight and the world is never the same again. Something has been realized, that is, "made real" that was never real before, at least not for us. And now that 'something' is our companion, another aspect of the self through which we think, act, work and love. It takes time to sort through all this change, to rebalance the ecosystem that is us.

Now imagine that we are an organization, a big organization comprised of many interacting selves. How can we achieve community, shared identity and shared purpose? We must begin with shared experience, perhaps a Concert of Ideas or inspiring company meeting. And then? A process to simmer and savor the delicious human collision of minds and hearts in curious exploratory motion.

That motion is life flowing through your organization.