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The Main Sequence

The Main Sequence is our trademarked pathway to new thinking, fresh perspectives and penetrating new insights. It is comprised of six interlocking stages including state-of-the-art catalyst events, facilitated inquiry and discussion, deep dives into extension topics, and special activities for synthesis, discernment and final harvest. Step by step, participants move through a series of cognitively stimulating, emotionally rich scenarios at once full of imagination, invigorating, uplifting, joyful, challenging, reflective, palpably sensed and deeply felt. It is a journey everyone takes together activating each person’s wholehearted participation and maverick potential. 

The Main Sequence multi-phase processing methodology can be brought to bear upon a wide range of contemporary issues and challenges. It is a powerful catalyst for change. Topics brought to us by clients include: 

Leadership Benchmarks for Turbulent Times: Insights, Practices, Attitudes, Values and Skills

Also - Creative Leadership, Servant Leadership, Leading Change Through Innovation, New Demands for Leadership: Responding to Turbulence, Leadership Management Stewardship, Principle-Centered Leadership, Leadership and Spirituality, Women’s Leadership, Human Issues in Management

Imagination for Innovation: The Search for Solutions: Creativity, Ingenuity, Risk-Taking and the Possible

Also - Invention and Productivity, Innovation Communities, Imagination and the Adjacent Possible, Risk Innovation Change, Cultural Image and Identity

Change Agents in Government Systems: The Big Picture Beyond Present Constraints: Inventing the Future

Also - Reinventing Government, Integrity, Values and Creativity in Government, Excellence in Municipal Management, Democracy and Governance in the 21st Century

Next Generation Business Schools: Beyond Analytics: Sustainability, Personal Ethics and the Wisdom of Complex Systems

Also - Innovations in Executive Education, Strengthening and Transforming Higher Education, Innovation and Leadership in Education, The Courage to Teach

Strengthening Shared Purpose: Cohesion, Commitment and Self-Confidence in Adapting to Change

Also - Renewal Recovery Resilience, Poverty and Development, Imagination and Social Change, Transitions and Transformations, The Marriage of Art and Science, Moments of Being, Lifetimes of Meaning