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You couldn't miss it: people rushing to volunteer to participate, everyone joining in group activities, rapt silence for key performance moments, frequent eruptions of laughter. The Concert of Ideas is shaped so cleverly with a fluid mix of information and different kinds of listening and connecting challenges. One moment our jaws dropped at their musical virtuosity, the next we were reflecting on a profound idea about a deep issue of our relationship to our work.

As person after person articulated his or her response to the performance, I was astounded. Each had a deep personal insight and a self-generated commitment to improve in the future. Frankly, I wouldn't have believed it if I had not seen it. As one who also designs and leads seminars about creativity in professional settings, I was amazed at the efficiency and potency of the Concert of Ideas.

Many in the audience noted the ways in which the performers modeled ideal collaboration: the skill of their ensemble work, the generous sharing of focus, the multiple roles each performer plays, and the palpable delight they took in one another's success. The warmth of the Concert is clearly built upon the love these artists have for one another, and it is infectious. The design and execution of the Concert serves as a rich model on many levels.

Many people mouth great statements about the importance of the arts for learning; Creative Leaps sings them into down-to-earth inspiration that makes a difference in the real world. Management training and business thinking never looked, sounded, or felt so good - and got so much done at the same time.