Herbert Tillery

Deputy Mayor for Operations, Washington D.C. and Former Director, Center for Excellence in Municipal Management (CEMM)

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Transformational leadership — out-of-the-box thinking — is the kind of thing that truly transforms governments. Creative Leaps and the Concert of Ideas are examples of how you use advanced thought and out-of-the-box thinking to create new paradigms of action. And I've never seen anything else that so clearly demonstrates this. Everybody I've had go through this experience has liked it and been really impressed with this concept. So, I'm a big fan.

Debriefing the Concert of Ideas puts it into a leadership context. That's where the connection is and that's what lasts. I have been through 12 of the 15 Concerts of Ideas here at CEMM and I've learned something different every time.

What is different about Creative Leaps is the mindset that they put you into, the thoughts they cause you to think. Understanding yourself is very important when you're trying to be a better leader. And this parallels what they do with the music in terms of getting you in touch with yourself and then bringing this into the classroom and into the way you deal with people. This has been a powerful message for me in my involvement with Creative Leaps.

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