Professor Peter Little

Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Corporate Programs and Partnerships, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia

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The inspiring work of Creative Leaps International offers world class transformational experiences for participants who are given a unique opportunity to reimagine their professional and personal journeys of development... I can only but offer the highest praise for and recommendation of their work.

I was amazed at how quickly the team was able to draw the participants into active participation. This was especially impressive as some of the groups contained large numbers of conservative, “hard-wired” leaders. In short, each workshop was a triumph. Every team member has the great gift of engaging the hearts and minds of the participants, thus enabling them to quickly open to new horizons of thinking and imaging or awakening creativity that laid dormant or under-utilized. Importantly, participants learned how to apply these creative experiences and techniques in setting professional and life goals.

It is worth noting that both their “Concerts of Ideas” and workshops are extremely well designed for active learning and the delivery is carried our sensitively. The feedback we received was overwhelming positive and, in most cases, the participants also observed that they had been exposed to an entirely new way of thinking. I can only offer the highest praise for and recommendation of their work.