Mid-Hudson Educational Leadership Academy

Leadership Development, Knowledge Integration & the Mind Processes of the Arts

Program Evaluation

What did you like most about this session?

  • The creativity, the insight, the instructor.
  • Integration of the arts with the core of leadership.
  • Well prepared, thoughtful, entertaining presentation.
  • Bringing everything together the way it did.
  • How music and art was intertwined with the message of leadership.
  • Music underlying all the thought processes.
  • Entertaining, positive - creating link between leadership and the arts.
  • Everything!
  • The thoughtfulness it engendered.
  • Integration techniques, especially use of music in teaching/learning.
  • Music, music, music.
  • The music!
  • The enthusiasm of the presenter, the brainstorming about leadership, the sharing from the participants.
  • Mixture of thoughts about leadership and entertaining activities.
  • Music and visual activities.
  • How he related everything he was talking about and connected it to the music.
  • The way John and Tom used music and visual arts to express how important imagination is to learning.
  • The fact that it was both inspirational and entertaining.

What practical application did this session provide?

  • Arts teaching can be integrated in any topic.
  • It helps me to understand better how integration (across the curriculum and of the arts) really works.
  • Made me think in a whole new box.
  • Seeing leadership through an arts lens.
  • Potential for staff development activities.
  • Fresh awakening.
  • It was a model for using the arts to get to the point – it demonstrated a ‘way’ to get to the depth of a point.
  • Great insight into the role of the arts & creativity in learning.
  • Dreaming, focus, imagination!
  • Providing balance to my career.
  • To help renew our commitment.
  • Be more integrated.
  • Re-defining goals & reason for going into a leadership.
  • An understanding of the internal segment/piece that is the foundation of good leadership.
  • Importance of the arts and their effect.
  • Seeing new applications for the integration of the arts in the classroom.
  • Reflect on what I can do to incorporate art in class.
  • To integrate arts, music & education for deeper meaning.
  • Journaling ideas set to music, ways of staying centered in a stressful job.
  • The integration of knowledge, imagination and the arts and the outcome for kids!
  • Music and art can be used to get students and adults to share themselves and to learn from one another.


  • To what degree you feel the presenter helped you better understand the topic?
    High: 21, Moderate: 1, Minimal: 0, Basic: 0, None: 0
  • To what degree you feel that student performance may be improved using this information?
    High: 20, Moderate: 2, Minimal: 0, Basic: 0, None: 0
  • To what degree did this session help you to become a more effective school leader?
    High: 19, Moderate: 3, Minimal: 0, Basic: 0, None: 0

Additional Comments

  • Great job! The instructor’s sensitivity & style encouraged all to participate and feel safe! Great work!
  • Very enjoyable!
  • Would love to have staff at my school participate in this workshop
  • It helped me to apply better what I already believe
  • Really want to investigate bringing this to my teachers
  • John’s a great talent.
  • Great job!
  • Fantastic.
  • Outstanding session! John’s passion for the material is tremendous!
  • This session provided reinforcement of what I do and why.
  • Thanks for leading and being a stone that gathered moss as you went – It was good to see a way to offer leadership character development in ways that incorporate other than linear ideas.