Laura Olson

Research Scientist - The George Washington University Institute for Crisis, Disaster, and Risk Management

Individual Testimonial

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How to thank you for your kindness and grace, your great compassion for the situation others face, and your hard work to bring about a miracle in the SELA Resilience Project? My thank you is in this film that I hope cements in the members of your team the grand and earthshaking level of impact they had at the Red Cross in Southeast Louisiana (SELA).

Jack, Carol and I commented on the rarity of bringing 2 groups of consultants together in such a seamless manner – it is rather unheard of – yet in our cases, the people and the two visions came together to form a perfect whole.

Thank you for completing what we had started with such beauty and inspiration that so many people were lifted to a place of hope and peace that they had not dared to imagine for some 24 long months. Without your team, what we tried to do would have seemed forced, strained and much less significant than what we were able to achieve working together. We look forward to brainstorming about ways to collaborate in the future and to your feedback on the film about the project. I hope that it brings into sharper focus the significance of what you did.

Thank you for your gentle spirit and booming voice.