Quotes from Previous Global Leadership Forums

“Building Europe is building Peace” — Simone Veil, former President of the European Parliament, quoting Jean Monet. 1st GLF. Amman.

“No one leads by fiat in the modern world” — Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Former UN Secretary General. 2nd GLF. Amman.

“Non-violent leadership requires maximum openness.” — Mikhail Gorbachev, former President of the former Soviet Union. 3rd GLF. Amman.

“Leadership requires patience, perseverance, humility, commitment and compromise.” — Oscar Arias, former President of Costa Rica. 4th GLF. Istanbul.

“We do find leaders in all walks of life” — Ajay Chhibber, Director, the World Bank. 5th GLF. Istanbul.

“Six Sigma combines leadership and operational excellence to achieve maximum success.” — Muhsen Menguturk. Partner, Breakthrough Management.5th GLF.

“By deliberately bringing in turbulence, organizations are actually embracing innovations.” — Stan Gryskievicz, former Vice-President of the Center for Creative Leadership. 6th GLF. Istanbul.

“Leadership development grounded in creativity and the mind processes of the arts can have a transformative effect on our thinking, especially in complex, changing environments.” — John Cimino, President of Creative Leaps International. 6th GLF. Istanbul

“Globalisation requires that we expand our horizons and learn to appreciate other modes of expression and behaviour.” — Mrs. Harriet Fulbright, former Executive Director of the Committee for the Arts and Humanities in the Clinton Administration. 7th GLF. Istanbul.

“What is the most important qualification for public office? I hope all of you will climb the political ladder and, as you do, offer integrity as your foremost qualification. Each of you can make a difference.” — US Congressman Paul Findley speaking at the 7th Global Leadership Forum in Istanbul, June, 2005.

“Ultimately leadership is a value concept that cannot be separated from human development - a concept inextricably linked to peace, democracy, and development.” — Adel Safty, Founding UNESCO Chair of Leadership and President of the Global Leadership Forum