Young and emerging leaders are our passports to tomorrow, and to invest in them is to invest in the future of our organizations. The talents and skills of the rising generation will fuel the next generation of know-how and innovation. But it will be their self-knowledge and their knowledge of others, their imaginations, their values, beliefs and personal courage that will guide them, and us, to a future worthy of attainment, worthy of the supreme effort and sacrifice needed to get us there. “As a Man is, so he Sees”, said the poet William Blake. “As the Eye is formed, such are its Powers.” Whatever our business, we must be in the business of helping our emerging leaders to form that 'inner' Eye, the mind's Eye, through which they perceive the world around them and conceive their worlds of the future. That's what's at stake. "As a Man is..." After all, seeing is believing and there is no greater obstacle to imagination than our fiercely held beliefs.

1. Personal Leadership Trajectories: Leading Our Own Lives

  • Self Knowledge and Directions of Growth

2. Identity, Self-Image, Integrity: The Fluid Past, Present and Future

  • Ideas, Beliefs, Integrities: The Inner Work of Art Is the Self

3. Composing A Life: The Possibilities of Self-Authorship

  • Choosing a Life: The Responsibilities of Self-Authorship

4. Being and Becoming: But What Are You Prepared to Do?

  • Without the Decision to Serve, a Person Can Never Become a True Leader

5. Discovering Your Values, Choosing Your Values, Owning Your Values

  • The Dream That Is You: Your Relationship with the Future

6. Imagination Makes Empathy Possible: It’s Not Entirely about You

  • To Be Is to Be Related: You and the Rest of the World

7. Perception, Perspective and Imagination

  • As a Man Is, So He Sees. As the Eye is Formed, Such Are Its Powers

8. Each Thing We Hides Another Thing: What Is Hidden by What We See?

  • Imagination, Imaginative Insight and Making the Invisible Visible

9. The Leader’s Relationship with the “Not Yet”

  • Acts of Imagination: Working to Bring the Future into Being

10 Choosing Your Directions of Growth

  • “Only to a magician is the world forever fluid, infinitely mutable and eternally new. Only he knows the secret of change, only he knows truly that all things are crouched in eagerness to become something else, and it is from this universal tension that he draws his power.” Peter Beagle
  • What Are You Crouched in Eagerness to Become?