Richard Smith


Richard has been working with individuals and organizations as a ‘depth educator’ for over 35 years. He serves others by helping them have the conversations that they need to have, and by coaching and cultivating from individuals, teams, and organizations the best that they have to offer. He is committed to wholistic development (physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual), and to providing support to individuals, relationships and organizations as they strive to live into their calling and purpose. For more than 28 years, Richard has been personally and professionally committed to the Servant as Leader concept; and he has introduced this concept to thousands of others. He has spent more than 40,000 hours responding to others' needs and has served in seven countries and most of the 50 states. Richard has helped develop seven leadership centers around the world and is currently working with the Ministry of Education in Singapore to bring his teacher renewal work to all of the teachers in Singapore. Richard is also an adjunct faculty member of the University of St. Thomas (Minneapolis) Physician Leadership College. Richard is a longtime friend and Advisor to ASA President John Cimino.